February 24, 2022

Why I Write Again

Great Wall Mountain @ China

Thinking better by writing better.

I’ve been wanting to write again for a very long time. 

The last time I wrote an essay was three years before, and the topics are usually about design and photography because I wanted to build credibility through SEO while freelancing. They’re nice topics to write, but hard to get it right because of how much thought and research are needed to craft a perfect article.

By the way, one thing I’ve learned about content marketing for the past few years, it is that quantity matters more than quality.

But the reason I start writing again is to force myself to read more. Ever since my web development rabbit hole began two years ago, most of my time are dedicated to learning new technology stacks. While online courses are crucial to personal growth, I think it is equally important to be able to think succinctly, reflect on my daily progress, be critical of new ideas, and form hypotheses on the next shiny stuff like Web3, design trends, and millennial / Gen Z cultures.

Also, I think better when I write.

Topics I’ll be writing

Design, tech, my side projects, imposter syndromes, productivity, commentary and critiques on modern culture, my questionable life decisions, red pill stuff, cool design components & code snippets using Tailwind. 

Why Red Pill

I do wonder how people will think of me if I say I’m a fan of Jordan B. Peterson’s work. Many have criticised him for being a right-wing extremist because of his opinions on politics, religion, feminism and transgenderism. Even though I may not agree with his tweet on some public policy, I still admire his psychoanalysis work, especially the Biblical series lecture. His teachings had shaped most of my thoughts about modern cultures, personal responsibilities and success, and they became the antidote to my cynical behaviour. You’ll find me reference his teachings on future blog posts.

That’s all for this post. See you in the next one. 

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