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2023 Q4 Reminders

A person trying training core at the park.

Another contemplation on how to live a balanced life, completely in tune with The Nature 🌱.

  1. If you find yourself unable to make a clear decision, then it’s not the right moment to decide. You might be lacking essential information, or because certain events need to unfold before you can make the right choice. Think of it like a game of chess match — keep yourself informed and strike when opportunity arises.
  2. Anxiety often creeps in when we become fixated on fulfilling a specific identity. We feel like impostors when we struggle to meet certain expectations that we’ve constructed for ourselves. That’s why it’s crucial to focus on defining what truly holds meaning for you rather than constantly striving to be the best in the room. Your personal sense of meaning is yours to define, while others can judge who the “better someone” is.
  3. Keep your adversaries close. It’s never bad to keep an eye on the devil, whatever devil means to you.
  4. It’s perfectly normal to approach things half-heartedly, especially when you’re just starting out. It takes time to become fully dedicated because repeated actions help clarify what truly matters to us.
  5. Creating the right condition for success is as important as being diligent and persistent.
  6. 14px border radius change lives.
  7. Always assume that anything negative that occurs after speaking the truth is, in fact, the best possible outcome. Honesty serves as the antidote to chaos.
  8. Chemistry doesn’t guarantee compatibility.
  9. When we pray to a higher being, we unconsciously recognise that not everything we do is solely our choice. Instead, we see our decisions as results influenced by our past and the best options available at that time, rather than purely personal choices. This is why we pray for a more merciful life, so we can make the most rational decisions when our life is in chaos.
  10. Work with what you have until it’s no longer useful or until you find a better alternative. Meaning, utilise your existing resources to generate the capital needed for better-quality resources.

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