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2024 Q1 Reminders

A blurry-looking plant during blue hour

A list of reminders for the ones who are ready to take off.

  1. Don’t play games you can’t win. Eventually, you’ll get burnt, or slowly burn out.
  2. Set a goal, but focus on the progress. Don’t chase after goals, but trust they’ll unfold naturally. You don’t get what you chase.
  3. Self-respect is the quiet sibling of self-care. There will come a time when people demand for more than you can offer, especially when it comes to time and energy. Set boundaries; if you don’t, no one will.
  4. You need to have faith in something. Faith in yourself is confidence, faith in others is trust. People lose the will to live because they lack faith in everything.
  5. Don’t forget to leave room for miracles.
  6. Responsibility: the ability to respond.
  7. Believing only in reward after hard work means you disregard the concept of unconditional love. Before you decide if there’s unconditional love or not, ask yourself - is it worth being with someone you need to constantly please?
  8. Nothing is a mistake in this universe.
  9. Life is closer to a series of sprints, not a marathon. Take breaks to recharge and fuel your drive for achievement.
  10. If you’re a workaholic: Friday night is for administration work, Saturday is for streamlining operation work.

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