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About Overthinking and Rationalising Manifestation

A fortune cat in front of cash register machine.

Today, I woke up to a jolt – an audiobook I downloaded on YouTube but never finished was playing. It felt almost like I was destined to complete it.

I’ve been delving into the topic of manifestation lately. While I’ve remained skeptical about its practicality, I’m still open to understanding its true meaning and the reason behind its devoted following. One concept I do resonate with is the idea that, as humans, we should have faith in our actions and surrender the rest to the universe.

However, a passage from the audiobook completely shifted my perspective on manifestation. It argued that we often overthink things, leading to emotional distress. The audiobook proposes that when we think less, listen more to our intuition (disguised as thoughts), and simply take action, we’re often surprised by positive outcomes – outcomes we might perceive as miracles, hence the feeling of being “lucky.”

The audiobook

I found this concept fascinating and reassuring. In other words, there’s no need to obsess about the future. We simply need to prioritize taking action and be receptive to the thoughts that arise within us – our intuition. When we release our expectations from the universe, everything that unfolds can feel more like a delightful surprise.

I would recommend this book to every overthinker out there. I don’t often read book, but this one is truly good.

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